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March 24, 2008

My wife is a “flippin” Genious

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So I was at work the other night late as usual.  Dawn and I have been doing track practice together in the afternoons and she left her cell phone in the car after practice.  Well, I was at church with the computer and her cell phone.  In our circumstances that meant no contact with the outside world for her.  Worse yet, Dawn has been using her cell phone as a way to take pictures of layouts for the scrapbooks we are working on (this is a great tip by the way for you scrapbookers). 

So there was a picture on the phone she needed to complete page layout she was working on.  Then she could remember how it went together exactly.  But I had the phone, and the only way to get a hold of me to get her phone.  So what do you do???

My wife is a flippin Genious.  She went downstairs to the Wii.  Logged on the internet page, and then posted a comment to our Joshua Page about bringing her phone home from the van in between my meetings.  WordPress instantly sent an e-mail to my account notifying me of my new comment.  I went to check it out, got the message, and within ten minutes or less I was standing in the Dining Room handing my wife her phone.  I thought to myself as I was reading the note…”That is quite possibly the most ingenuitive and resourcesful thing I have ever seen”.  I am quite certain that if you dropped my wife into the middle of the Iraq war, she would solve all the problems, organize the oil distribution fairly and quickly, and probably manage to bake delicious Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies all at the same time.

Therefore, yes, my wife is a flippin Genious.  (no explitives to be implied by the use of flippin for those senstive to the explitive substitutes)


November 23, 2007

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This is the view to East (leftside) and the West (rightside) out of my hunting blind.  I love this spot.  It sits up on a knoll, there is a pond to the East where lots of wildlife hang out.  It is always quiet even when windy, and deer are not very skiddish protected from the wind and any signs of humans by the surrounding trees.  You can’t see any roads or other blinds from my blind.  In the picture on the left, you can see where my buck came out.  When I spotted him, and he thought he spotted me, he was right under the little cedar between the two birch trees.  He then trotted out in front of me from left to right(North to South) and was shot angling away at about 50 yards.

I passed up another buck this weekend after listening to my brother-in-law talk about how we shoot too many little bucks and they would be bigger next year if we let them go.  He was standing on the trail (see photo on the right).  I was out of my blind helping Doug find and shoot a wounded deer (it had wandered onto our land.  We did not wound it)  I walked up and I spotted him on the trail.  I stalked up and then saw the antlers.  He proceeded to head south (left in the picture) and I moved around the other side of the blind to get a better look when he came out on the south side of the woods.  As he exited the small section of woods, he turned right at me and proceeded to walk slowly to within about 25-35 yards (bow range).  He was a decent 4, a little tall, but narrow.  It was really cool to be that close on the ground with him and out of the blind.  He moved south of me and began to smell the air…busted.  He did not see me, but trotted off to the south to leave that funny smell behind.

So I am holding Doug to this, he said if I let him go, there will be bigger deer next year.  I better see some bigger deer I guess.  We’ll see.

November 15, 2007

Hunting Success!!

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The morning started out pretty slow.  I woke up on time in my blind, got dressed and opened the windows.  Saw a couple does, thought about one, but at 7:30am on opening day, thought that was a little premature for taking does.  My father-in-law shot one.  A three point, we tracked and found him after breakfast.  A little lunch and we were back in the woods for the afternoon.

So tonight, after a short nap, I was hearing shooting and some chatter over the radio.  I stood up and walked to the window, stretched, and noticed a buck staring right at me through the window.  I was busted.  I froze and we entered a staring contest from not more than about 35 yards away.  I couldn’t move.  No rifle in my hands.

He looked away which gave me the opportunity to grab my rifle.  I was busted again, but he didn’t know what it was he saw.  He turned broadside and started to trot away…blam! 

Though I tried hard to miss him…I spined him just an inch or two below his back.  He piled up right there where I hit him.  Here are the pictures.


There was a much bigger buck around, it was the stuff of legend.  A buck most people would need to pay thousands to shoot.  I have a picture and my brother-in-law took pictures I will have him send to me.  It was shot this morning.  23.5″ spread 7 point with enormous gerth.  3.5 year old buck.  This one was huge.  Makes mine look like a yearling.  But mine is the biggest for me yet, so I am thrilled with it.

November 2, 2007

Youth Pastor Woes

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As a youth pastor, sometimes your the bug, sometimes you’re the windshield.  So the other night we had a trunk or treat program at Lighthouse.  It was pretty fun and overwhelming at the same time.  We were way understaffed for the more than 300 people who showed up.  Anyway, I had set up for a party in the Youth Room, but since I only ever had 6 people at a time, it wasn’t nearly as much fun as I had envisioned.  Of course all the candy was consumed, but mostly by those under 6th grade.

I also had soda there for the night.  It was close to the end of the night, and Kaylin Hill wanted to take a whole bottle of Mountain Holler ( a Mountain Dew knock off from Save-a-lot).  I told her there was no way she was getting a whole 2 liter.  She is hyper enough without the caffeine.  So she proceeds to steal my phone.  Ok that was a little frustrating.  But I was not giving in to her terrorist tactics.  She threatened to erase my contact list, empty threats I am sure.  But you start to wonder. 

Instead I have decided to get even.  Her and my young cousin Madeline decided to put a “fun” picture of themselves on my phone and make it the wallpaper.  So in the spirit of getting even, and having a lot of fun, I decided to post the pictures of them here for thousands on the internet to view.  Do you suppose that will make them pause before they mess with me again!  Probably, not.  But I needed to blog about something and this seemed to be pretty funny.


Looking good girls.  Hope you had a good halloween.  Luv ya!

Your Pastor

October 26, 2007

Grandparents Day

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So I went to my children’s grandparents day program at church today to film the festivities for my parents now in Gulfport, MS.  Also in attendance was Lauren, Grandma and Grandpa Heuker, and Aunt Kim (Nana’s Sister and honorary Nana stand-in for the morning).  It was a pretty good program complete with the really loud Over zealous Pre-schooler, and the mischievous boys.  The girls did a great job with the songs and the motions.

The only unusual experience was driving there.  One of the grandparents apparently really couldn’t wait to get there.  We were arriving early (we even beat my mother-in-law which means very early) and as we rounded the corner, another car swerved back and forth behind me as if to pass me.  Then when we got on the straight away he zipped around me and floored it the next .1 of a mile to the drive way and shot into the parking lot.  I was like 2 secs behind him.  Did he really need to zip around me.  I actually made it to my seat before he did.  I was a good dooby though and kept my mouth shut.  What a jerk!  Get a grip cause it’s only Grandparent’s day.  He ended up standing during the whole program and probably zipped right out before even seeing his grandkid, but I am being too judgmental.  But he did put me in an irritated mood for the whole program.

Here are some pictures:



October 23, 2007

Today is Dawn’s Birthday

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Several years ago today a little girl was born who would grow up to be mu wife.  God had that in His plan from before either of us was born.  Over the years we both prayed for each other, even though we had never met.  We met at a youth convention, long before I ever dreamed I would one day be a youth pastor. 

God has given me a special gift.  A woman of faith, compassion, and love.  A wonderful mother to our children, and very nurturing.  I am so blessed. 

Happy Birthday, honey!  I love you!


October 19, 2007

Big Storm…or trees and tractors

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So I’m up north this weekend.  The weather had cleared and we were up in the trees by about 5:45PM.  It was sunny and a little breezy right out of the South.  I’m seated on a north facing stand with most of my deer coming from the South or a little East.  Anyway, it was a nice night.  I had 6 does and fawns out in front of me, one really fat one that refused to step out where I could shoot.  But they were fun to watch anyway.  I noticed they were really jumpy, more than usual and chalked it up to the windy conditions. 

As I sat there, a large Cumulous cloud seemed to suspend to the North East.  It was really fun to watch.  It was expanding like a mushroom cloud explosion.  There were some lower grey clouds floating by, it was really beautiful against the blue sky.  As I was watching all the glorious creation and the remaining fall color, I heard a low rumble.  Hmmm, not any of these clouds I thought.  I watched as the deer spooked from in front of me and moved East.  They did not see or wind me, but something made them jump.

To my west, I noticed the clouds getting dark grey.  I turned in my stand and looked straight South and it was black.  Hmm, this could get ugly.  Now in the morning I sat through a little light rain all morning, no big deal in a cedar tree with lots of canopy overhead.  So I was sticking around again through this rain.

I watched the black sky approach slowly and it seemed to encroach all around me.  Another low rumble.  Then, as though God opened the freezer, I get this blast of cold air from the my South.  That was all the more warning I needed.  I have never gotten down from a tree faster.  The first bit of lightning flashed to the West, high in the clouds.  “Must go Faster!”

I hit the ground, the deer were no where to be seen.  They could read the sky as well as I could.  In fact, we are pretty sure the deer knew more than us.  They were out browsing all afternoon as we drove to pick up some tractor implements for Grandpa.  I ran, yes in my insulated boots, through the standing corn rows.  The wind was much worse on the ground and the black sky was rapidly approaching.  It was now looking like 8:30 at 7:15.  It began to sprinkle and the sky had that weird color to it, there had been a short tornado warning in the afternoon.  I wanted to get to shelter. 

The closest shelter to me was the new hunting blind we were building.  I knew that was open.  There was also a pole barn, but I figured that was all locked up.  I tried a couple doors as the rain was now coming harder and the wind was making lines in the fields as it burst in three short blows repeatedly. 

I ran into the blind to think about what to do while I waited for my brother-in-law to get there with the truck.  He had been hunting on the other side of the swamp about 1/2 a mile away perhaps.  Lots of walking for him and then a short drive to my spot.  When I got to the blind I saw a coyote run past the pole barn toward a forklift parked in the back.  I got out an arrow, just because.  I thought, “perhaps my hunting isn’t over afterall”.  It never returned.

Now the storm is in full swing.  I have rarely ever been in a storm like this outside.  The trees are whipping, rain is pouring and lightning is streaking the sky.  A few are striking really close.  I began imaging what would happen if lightning hit the little plywood and 2×4 shack.  Not a pretty picture for the guy inside it.  So I looked and there was Doug’s tractor.  A fully enclosed cab, big rubber wheels.  Time to make a run for it.  I had remembered the door was unlocked from before and I jumped right in.  The door swung closed behind me.  Now it’s starting to hail, and more wind and lightning.  “Anytime now, Doug?!?!” In the safety of the cab, I could think a little clearer.  Talk about the sovereignty of God.  Once in a while we all need to feel that insignificant.

Doug finally got there, he was soaked.  It took him a little longer to decide to get down I think, he had bucks bedded down in the field between him and the truck.  I understand his dilemma.  I jumped in the truck and we made it through zero visibility back to Highland and home.  As we approached the house, the hail was getting louder.  Soon golfball sized hail was smacking the 2007 Dodge Pick up and Doug picked up the pace in the zero visibility road smashing through huge puddles.  We passed a manure spreader…not significant, just putting it in context that I am up north.

Home.  Whew.  The kids are all in the basement and happy to see the Dads home.  As we stood in the garage, the storm subsided and it was night.  We spent the rest of the night playing settlers around the kitchen table.  A good night.  So that is how I found the sovereignty of God in a tree, a blind, a tractor, and the hug of a little girl who prayed for her daddy to be safe in the storm.  Some of life’s neat experiences.  I just wish I had gotten a shot at that Coyote.

October 12, 2007

Breaking the silence – Seeing God at work

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OK, I have been a little busy, so I think I can catch a break for the delay, but I must admit it has been a while.  Another factor is the frequency of my wife’s blog has increased over this period which means less time for me to get in front of the screen.  So enough of that, for now.

I am overwhelmed by seeing God at work.  Pastor Steve is recovering from heart surgery, very well.  Pastor Paul has no cancer.  Another person has accepted Christ this week through the ministry of Lighthouse Community Church.  We have had more than 15 visitors in the last two weeks, and not all of them have been scared off by the youth pastor preaching.  I have family (though they wish to remain anonymous at the moment) who are expecting a baby (I am very excited for them).  My parents have had a good, and so far smooth transition from our perspective to MS and a new home.  Erica’s flares are for the time under control, albeit with a lot of medicine yet, and my kids continue to be hilarious.

Last night during dinner prayer ( I usually open our meals with prayer, and the girls take turns closing), I completely lost control with laughter.  Erica had started to make some kind of noise and so was Lauren.  I paused in prayer to quietly Shhh them.  I looked at Lauren, said shhh, and she replied:  “Dad, I was just pssst’ing you”.  I couldn’t control myself.  By itself it doesn’t seem that funny, but if you have beenfollowing my wife’s blog you’ll know that funny has been the rule at our dinner table, and this was just too much in the context.  We then closed our prayer after everyone sort of gained their composure with a thanksgiving for joy.

I am very happy this morning with all that God has brought about over the past several weeks.  I am excited about the future, although with an understanding that we still live in a fallen and broken world wrecked by sin.  But for now, I am happy to sit back and see what God is doing to bless us.  Every breath is from his hand.  Just getting up from bed this morning, which today was not an easy task, was his blessing.  Holding my kids, tickling Lauren, hugging my wife, typing this blog, losing weight, talking with friends, serving in His church, all of this is the work and blessing of God. 

I can say this with integrity because I have known living on the other side a little as well.  Facing loss, struggling with depression, overcoming anxiety, are all things I have faced.  I am not saying that all of life is always easy, or that only the good things come from the hand of God.  But, when good things come, I know their source.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

So today, I am encouraged by God’s work in the world.  Why he chooses to bless this rotten planet at all is beyond my understanding, but I am looking forward to the day when his ultimate blessing is poured out on us all through the redemption of creation.  More about that on Sunday I guess…can’t steal my own thunder or no one will come to church to hear it live.

Have a good day!

September 21, 2007

Life Quotes from Fiddler on the Roof

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Growing up my dad was a big fan of fiddler on the roof.  Sometime in my early teen years my dad had us watch it on a new years eve.  I don’t remember if I was instantly hooked, but I grew to like it.  I even defended it to many who had a shallow view of the musical being only a Jewish thing.  Now looking back, there are a few great lines I go to often.  In the last few weeks, there have been two in particular that ring true.

Lately we have had our share of health problems, life stress, and the usual events of life.  In the movie, Tevye isi having one of those days as well.  He says:  “I know we are the chosen people…but once in a while couldn’t you choose somebody else?”  Words to live by.

Another time a friend of the family, a young upstart from Kiev exclaims that money is the world’s curse.  Tevye steps out of his barn looks up at the heavens as cries ,”may God smite me with it…and may I never recover!”

I have had opportunity to feel these quotes this week and thought I would share them with you.

September 19, 2007

What’s Your Mission?

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Have you ever thought about what you were here for?  What your purpose is?  I suppose we all do, or people wouldn’t flock in the millions to purchase books about yoru life purpose, or living the life we’ve always wanted.

For those who follow Christ, the question can be answered in two ways.  The first is quite simple.  All of us are subjec to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.  I think those should be renamed the “everyday” commission and commandment.  That would better reflect how it should be lived.  By adding the word Great in front, we tend to leave it for people we think measure up our idea of greatness, and usually that’s not ourselves (at least in our eyes).

This means we are to love God with all our Heart, Mind and Strength.  Love others as good or better than we love ourselves, and make disciples of all nations.  That means telling the world about Jesus and sharing the good news that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1)

The second answer to our purpose statement is actually a question.  How do we do that?  You see our overall mission is a simple idea – tell people about Jesus.  But each of us has a distinct context (location, culture, style, need, etc…) in which to fulfill that purpose.  So here’s my advice:  Be an authentic disciple.  An authentic disciple is a follower of Jesus, one who seeks to be a copy of the original.  We actually try to live as he lived.  Not like him in the sense that we wear sandels and eat fish and bread a lot, but like him in essence.  Listening to the father and preaching the coming Kingdom of God.

So as you look at your life purpose, from a Christian point of view, you need to figure out how to be like Jesus if Jesus lived where you do.  It’s not just the same as WWJD (what would Jesus do?), it means looking at what he did, how he did it, and finding a way to do the same things where you live.  If Jesus was a student at your school where would he sit?  What would he talk about?  What activities would he be involved in?  Some of your answers might surprise you if you are seeking to follow his example.

So if you are a believer and follower of Jesus, find out what he did, then do that in your context…where you live.  If you aren’t, take a look at the life of this guy Jesus in  a Bible (you can find them around).  Decide whether this was the kind of loving, passionate, purposeful and free life you have always wanted (John 10:10) and decide for yourself if Jesus is worth following.

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